desgnit 2017

Good causes need great design now more than ever.

Remember why you became a designer in the first place. 


A high-impact, high-energy design experience for non-profits.

Desgnit brings highly talented, creative and passionate people together for a weekend to solve big problems related to climate, education, health and social justice. Each year, a diverse group of leaders from the nonprofit, tech, and design communities get together for a weekend to build beautiful brands in the fraction of the time it typically takes. We gather in unique venues equipped with all the sticky notes, inspiration and coffee you need. Historically, desgnit has taken place in San Francisco and Lake Tahoe, but this year we're hitting the road–stretching our impact and connecting with changemakers across the country and world.    

What to expect

  • work with LOCAL NON-PROFITS with pre-defined design challenges

  • be among a highly selective creative pool including DESIGNERS, strategists, coders and writers 

  • expert workshops on design strategy

  • strengthened design leadership and communication skills

  • specially curated meals because no one can design hungry

  • 54 HOURS. 1 beautiful house. Lots of magic!

Desgnit is one of the most challenging and rewarding things I’ve done as a designer. Every single person spends the weekend outside their comfort zone—and it feels amazing because you’re surrounded by other talented, supportive people who share your excitement for doing something good!
— John, Designer

we laugh. we cry. we remember why became designers in the first place.